I’m Sadh and :art/if: is a canvas for me to share artifical intelligence aided art imaginations.


:art/if:, pronounced “artif”, is a wordplay, symbolizing the intersection of art and artificial intelligence. It can mean:

  • artifical art - juxtaposing “artif” part from “artificial” with “art if, one can call it so”.
  • artificer - artif. is an abbreviation of artificer; which means: “a skilled or artistic worker or craftsman”.
  • creating conversation - the : on both end of the name, indicates an open open ended conversation between image generation models and humans.

merging pixels and imagination

:art/if: represents a new chapter in my artistic journey, blending artificial intelligence with creative expression. Here, technology and art converge, creating a space where imaginative creations are enhanced and transformed by the capabilities of AI.

While the artworks here are influenced by artificial intelligence, my exploration in the realm of art is not new. My previous creations, spanning digital art to traditional paintings, can be explored at nafsadh.art . This platform, :art/if: is an extension of that journey exploring what becomes possible when technology becomes a tool in the artist’s palette.

What You’ll Find Here

  • AI Art Gallery: A showcase where each piece is a unique blend of creativity and technology, offering a new perspective on what art can be.
  • Insights: A behind-the-scenes look, sharing the techniques and creative
    processes that bring each AI-enhanced piece to life.

Thank you for visiting :art/if:, and let’s explore the enchanting intersection of AI and art together.